Friday, May 18, 2018

PhD Position available

A PhD Position in my group is available starting this fall. The full advertisement is below:

EDIT: The position has been filled.

The Junior Research Group “Quantum Gravity Techniques for Real World Applications of the Gauge / Gravity Duality” funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria is planning to hire a PhD student starting in September 2018 or later. The group is located at the University of Regensburg within a large and very active quantum field theory group and headed by Dr. Norbert Bodendorfer. It employs up to three PhD students (of which two positions are currently filled) and hosts a varying number of Bachelor and Master students.

The salary is 2/3 of an TVL-E13 position, resulting in approximately 1500 EUR monthly after taxes and benefits (including health insurance and retirement funds). The position will be funded for at least 3 years. A moderate amount of teaching in accordance with the university’s regulations will be required. The position comes with an annual travel budget of 2000 EUR. Applicants should hold a MSc degree in physics or equivalent before signing the contract.

The research focus of the group will be to apply loop quantum gravity techniques to the gauge / gravity correspondence with the eventual goal to better understand finite N gauge theories via quantum gravity. Individual research projects may include lattice gauge theory and will in this case be executed in collaboration with experts from Regensburg.

PhD students in the Junior Research Group have access to the activities of the Elite Graduate Programme “Physics Advanced” jointly run by the Universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Regensburg (workshops, summer schools, …) as well as to those of the Elite Network of Bavaria (soft-skill seminars, …). Likewise, activities of the graduate school “Particle Physics and High Performance Computing” in Regensburg will be open to them.

In order to apply, please send an email to including a CV, transcripts, and a concise letter of motivation stating

– your research interests
– your motivation to join the group
– whatever you think is relevant.

Letters of recommendation are optional but welcome and should be sent by the author to the same email address.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The final selection will not be made prior to August 1, 2018, so that all applications received by this date will receive full consideration. Later application will be considered until the position is filled.

EDIT: The position has been filled.

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