Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Strings meet Loops via AdS/CFT (Helsinki Workshop on Quantum Gravity 2016)

This rerecorded talk was originally given at the Helsinki Workshop on Quantum Gravity on June 2, 2016. I was invited by the organisers to talk about a recent paper, which was intended as an invitation for people to become interested in the subject, as opposed to giving concrete and detailed results.

In particular, I am very much looking forward to discussions about this topic and criticism of the ideas, in particular from experts in string theory. In the long run, much can be gained in my point of view from intensifying the exchange between researchers in loop quantum gravity and string theory.

In this context, it is certainly worth pointing out a recent article by Sabine Hossenfelder for Quanta Magazine, as well as a blogpost of hers on the paper I wrote.


  1. In order to establish a connection between LQG and string theory one needs an effective field theory approximation to LQG whith matter, where the matter is represented by special loops embedded in a spin network.

    As far as the pure LQG is concerned, the first step towards an effective field approximation is an effective action for the corresponding spin-foam model. This formalisam was developed in a series of papers by M. Vojinovic and myself four years ago.

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